My Story

“Make sure all the choices you make in life come from a point of awareness and not ignorance.”

What I love doing

I love public speaking.
Connecting with people.
Story telling.
Cracking really bad jokes.
Making awareness cool!

I often speak at corporate events, education institutions and conferences.

My content centers around awareness.

I believe that most people make choices in life because they don’t know any better.
And my ambition is to help people make those same choices completely aware of all other options.

I would like to believe “awareness is everything.”

My life motto is “DO EPIC SHIT“.

Where DO is about action, EPIC is about a cause larger than oneself and SHIT is having fun while living life.

I live and breathe this motto by being very action oriented, picking up large difficult problems to work on and thoroughly
enjoying the journey rather than aim for a goal.

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